Real Leather


We are firmly convinced that recycling helps the enviroment.

There are not only many ways for environmental friendly production, consequently reusing materials have significant results on the natural resources.

Through reusing existing leather by shredding, bonding and laminating, RECYCLED LEATHER BY Frameless becomes an environmentally friendly material.

RECYCLED LEATHER BY frameless® exhibit all the positive characteristics of real leather, whereas limitations, such as deviations in surfaces, colors, as well as differing fiber density could be eliminated.

Our quality products can be laundered and dry cleaned, but there might be slight changes in appearance after dry cleaning which is a regular effect because of the natural origin of leather. Therefore, dry cleaning resistance can’t be confirmed in general as it depends on the composition of the products.

As leather in combination with metal parts could cause chemical reactions which result in change of appearance on metal and as RECYCLED LEATHER BY frameless® mostly contains out of real leather, metal parts always need to be coated with a protection lacquering.

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